PROTEIN COOKIE DOUGH CHUNKY BAR (Single Bar) – Salted Caramel Peanut


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It tastes amazing, the perfect protein snack!

By popular demand we have created a Ready To Eat version of our “Protein Cookie Dough”. We present to you our “Protein Cookie Dough Chunky Bars!” The Bars feature crunchy cookie crisps, a gooey layer and are loaded with nuts! They have no artificial taste and are even gluten free! They’re delicious and will melt in your mouth… ENJOY!


HIGH PROTEIN SNACK – With over 18g of Protein, our delicious chunky style protein bar will satisfy your sweet tooth cravings!

TASTE – IT’S SO GOOD! – Covered in milk chocolate, crunchy cookie crisps and a gooey caramel layer. Combined with our world famous Protein Cookie Dough and loaded with peanuts, it’s soft, it’s sweet and it’s ready to eat!

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Brand: Adonis Gear