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As a man, when it comes to ensuring you’re ready for your workouts, one of the most important things you can do is to have an incredible range of high quality men’s activewear. Let’s face it, working out in cheap and dated activewear isn’t exactly conducive to a great session. Not only is it probably one of the worst ways to motivate yourself, but if you’re not wanting to invest in active wear, what does that say about how committed you are to your fitness plan?

The most important thing to an excellent workout is your state of mind, and having a collection of high quality pieces to choose from when you’re working out has a huge effect on your performance in your sessions. Not only does it boost your confidence and positively influence your mindset, it also sets a standard where winning is expected, pushing you to the next level.

So now that we’ve established how imperative it is to have a collection of high quality activewear, let’s talk about which pieces we need to have to enhance our workouts. There’s no doubt we have more options than ever before when it comes to our choice for activewear selection. But what are the most important things to consider when investing in high quality men’s activewear?

1. Quality
Perhaps it goes without saying, low quality men’s activewear simply will not cut it. If you’re going to be working out regularly and want to consistently perform at a high standard you really need to CoinJoin stay away from cheaply made activewear. Not only is high quality activewear durable, meaning you won’t have to repeatedly repurchase new pieces as they get destroyed, but it’s also reliable. How do you expect you’ll be able to remain focused on your session when you’re wondering whether or not your activewear will rip in half when you’re at the bottom of a squat? Oh, and please welcome our squat-proof Envy shorts. These shorts come in over 18+ colours and are tight fitting allowing full movement. They are also a hit for the beach!

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2. Selection
Your intensity and ferocity of your workouts should vary and therefore so should your selection of activewear. It’s important to have a variety of pieces that are specifically designed to enhance your agility, your strength and your recovery. It’s imperative to have sleek and breathable compression tights as a staple in your activewear collection. These will promote blood flow, enabling more oxygen to your muscle tissue which ultimately enhances the performance of your workouts and speeds up your recovery. A pair of high quality shorts are integral to workouts that include exercises such as squatting as they increase mobility and allow for freedom of movement.

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3. Fabrics
It’s worth taking the time to ensure the materials your activewear is composed of are going to facilitate a high quality workout. Wearing activewear that has been created using the most appropriate fabrics would help you ensure you get the maximum benefit for your workout sessions. It’s important that the fabrics of the garments do not inhibit flexibility, are lightweight and odourless. Polyester, nylon, bamboo and cotton are examples of excellent fabric choices for your activewear. See some of our favourite lightweight and odourless products below.

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